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XYplorerFree, the XYplorer Free Edition, is a free feature-limited version of XYplorer. No nags, no ads, no hassle. And no costs. You may use XYplorerFree for commercial and non-commercial purposes. But there is a catch: It won't make coffee! Check out the Feature List to compare Pro and Free Edition.

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Download Packages for XYplorerFree

XYplorerFree 14.50.0200, released 29-Sep-2014

Download 14.50.0200
Installer Package
Installer Package (ZIP archive, 3,290 KB)
Recommended for most users.
Includes installer and uninstaller.

List of installed files
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If you prefer to extract the program files manually choose one of the following packages:
Download 14.50.0200
No-Install Package (ZIP)
No-Install Package (ZIP archive, 3,659 KB)
Extract to any folder and run the application.
Download 14.50.0200
No-Install Package (RAR)
No-Install Package (RAR archive, 3,342 KB)
Extract to any folder and run the application.

XYplorerFree Screenshot

XYplorerFree, here with Mini Tree, Tree Path Tracing, Dual Pane, Dual Breadcrumbs, thumbnails and visible sort headers. (Click to zoom)

Remarks on XYplorerFree

Dependencies: None that's not part of Windows anyways.
Digital Signature: To ensure origin and integrity of the download all executable files (.EXE files) are digitally signed by "Donald Lessau" (the author). Make sure to check the digital signature. Do not install or use a copy of XYplorer where the digital signature is missing or not valid.
Hash Values: The file XYFreeHash-14.50.0200.txt contains hash values of the above download packages.
List of Installed Files (Installer Package):
C:\Program Files (x86)\XYplorerFree\
ContextMenu64.exe                                   524.352  29.09.2014 14:00:00
Startup.ini                                              38  29.09.2014 14:00:00
Uninstall.exe                                        71.304  29.09.2014 14:00:13
XYplorer Homepage.url                                    50  29.09.2014 14:00:13
XYplorer.chm                                        865.270  29.09.2014 14:00:00
XYplorerFree.exe                                  6.309.952  29.09.2014 14:00:00
6 files, 0 folders                                7.770.966 bytes